Cranston Police Gallery

Thank you to Sgt. Jim Ignasher (Retired) who provided much of the following page content.

Two oval shaped badges worn about the time of the Civil War.

A generic police badge with "Cranston, R.I." added - circa 1870

John Kenyon - Town Sergeant 1873

The Town Sergeant wore badge number one since he was in charge of all police constables in Cranston.

Cranston's first Chief of Police John Bigbee - Elected 1886

Cranston Police Officers - 1898

A postcard view of the Cranston Town Hall - circa 1900. It was later the police station.

In 1911, the Cranston Police Department became the first in Rhode Island to use an automobile to patrol the city. This is a Ford Model T.

In 1916, the department purchased its first motorcycle at a cost of $200.00.