Community Outreach

Welcome to the virtual home of the Cranston Police Department's Office of Community Outreach. The "OCO" is under the command of Captain Matthew Kite and is responsible for the promotion and implementation of the Department's Community Policing and Crime Prevention efforts. The Office is also responsible for the strategic planning and establishment of intervention strategies and education programs to prevent crime throughout the city; as well as the development of partnerships with individuals who live, work or otherwise have an interest in the community and which serves to proactively address issues such as crime and quality of life.

In addition to being the point of contact inside the Cranston Police Department for our community policing efforts, the Office of Community Outreach works with different Divisions within the department as well as several types of organizations outside of the police department and initiatives including:

Coordinating the Department's social media presence; to include the departmental website Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts, or any additional online platform the Department deems appropriate to utilize.

Working with the community, religious and government leaders in identifying and addressing community concerns; including serving as the primary liaison to the City of Cranston's crime watch groups, business and faith-based organizations.

Working with other law enforcement agencies by sharing information and intelligence to prevent the spread of criminal activities.

Conduct public educational programs aimed at the reduction of specific crime problems, relevant safety education topics, and the general strengthening of communications between the Department and the general public.

Coordinating with Cranston's schools to establish relationships in an effort to educate students and prevent criminal activity.

CPD in the Community

Above photo by Jen Cowart - Cranston Herald 2/3/16