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The application can be obtained at Cranston Police Application
Processing fee is $40.00. In addition to the on-line application you must complete and have notarized the wavier for the Physical Agility Test. YOU WILL NEED THIS TO TAKE THE AGILITY TEST.
All applications must be submitted by the application deadline.


• Preserve the peace - protect life and property
• Prevent crime
• Detect and appropriately respond to violators of the law
• Enforce laws within departmental jurisdiction
• Maintain good community relations and treat people with dignity and respect
• Respond to all emergencies
• Ability to reason within life and death situations


• Ability to use good judgement and to problem solve
• Capacity for empathy and compassion
• Capacity for multi-tasking
• Ability to demonstrate courage and to take responsibility
• Ability to be resourceful and show initiative
• Demonstrating assertiveness
• Possesses and demonstrates integrity
• Capacity for engaging in teamwork and ability to collaborate


1. Physical agility test
2. Written test
3. Background investigation
4. Oral Interview
5. Civil Service eligibility list

6. Psychological examination
7. Physical medical examination and drug screening
8. Conditional offer of employment
9. Attendance and successful completion of RI Municipal Police Training Academy
10. Successful completion of the Field Training Program
11. Probationary period of one (1) year
12. Appointment as permanent police officer


The Physical Agility Test is conducted in accordance with the Rhode Island Municipal Police Training Academy. This test is graded on a pass/fail basis. Failure to pass the Agility Test shall prevent an applicant from advancing in the examination process. Please refer to the below Agility Test Standards which also can be found at There is no makeup date and failure to appear on time will preclude you from participating. You must bring the completed and notarized wavier for the Physical Agility Test. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TAKE THE AGILITY TEST WITHOUT THIS WAVIER. Physical Agility Requirements


Applicants that have passed the agility test will proceed to the next phase which consists of a standardized written examination in reading, written communication, observation and memory, but not limited to other testing objectives. Please allow 3 ½ hours for the exam. You will be precluded from taking the exam if you do not appear on time. There is no makeup date. The written test will constitute 60% of the final recruitment test score.

Applicants must present a valid photo identification.


Applicants who pass the agility and written tests will be provided an Applicant Background Information Package and will submit it to the Cranston Police Training Division at 493 Phenix Ave, Cranston, RI 02920. Applicants will be required to submit all required forms and documents. Incomplete background packets may be rejected. You must submit proof of College Degree with the Applicant Background Information Package. Please carefully read all information in the background package. Any questions may be directed to the Training Division via phone (401-477-5073) or email (
The applicant must have an acceptable background as determined during the investigation to continue to the oral board.


Applicants who have an acceptable background will proceed to an oral interview. The oral interview will constitute 40% of the final recruitment test score. A passing score will be 70%. The applicant must achieve a passing score in order to be placed on the candidate eligibility list


The candidates who successfully complete the above-mentioned process will be placed on the civil service eligibility list, according to their final total numerical score to fill future vacancies. An updated background investigation will also be conducted prior to a conditional offer of employment. Candidates must successfully complete each step of this process to maintain their eligibility.

The comprehensive background investigation will consist of an integrity interview, extensive investigation of the candidate’s history to include, but not be limited to, education, training, health, employment history, family, neighbors, references, character, credit, military, traits and any other areas as directed by the Chief of Police. The applicant must have an acceptable background as determined during the investigation to maintain their eligibility.


Under Rhode Island State Law, all police candidates must pass a physical exam, including a color blindness test, and a psychological examinations prior to being hired for a vacancy. Candidates must successfully pass all medical exams, psychological tests and drug screenings or they will be eliminated. In addition, candidates who have not already done so must then attend and pass all phases of the Rhode Island Municipal Police Training Academy.

Note: If offered employment, applicants will be required to swim 200 yards continuously using 100 yards of an approach stroke (crawl or breaststroke) and 100 yards of a tow stroke (sidestroke or elementary backstroke) in order to pass the Municipal Police Training Academy. Any inability to swim or to successfully complete these swimming requirements will prevent an appointment to the position of Police Officer.

All probationary status employees shall be required to complete a minimum of one (1) year as a probationary officer that includes assignment to the Field Training Officer Program. An officer’s probationary period may be extended in accordance with City of Cranston Civil Service Rules. Failure to meet any requirements listed will result in removal from the list and/or employment.


Honorably discharged active duty war veterans who have received a passing final grade of 70% shall have five (5) points added to their final grade and disabled active duty war veterans shall have ten (10) points added to their final grade.

In order to receive credit for veteran’s preference, an honorably discharged active duty war veteran must furnish a copy of his/her DD 214. A disabled active duty war veteran must submit proof that he/she has been classified as “disabled” by the Veterans Administration. The DD 214 and proof of disability classification must be submitted at the time of the written examination.



• August 20, 1982 to December 31, 1987
• December 20, 1989 to January 31, 1990
• August 2, 1990 to July 13, 1992
• September 18, 2001 – A period to be prescribed by law, an Act of Congress or

• Presidential Proclamation
• October 16, 2002 - A period to be prescribed by law, an Act of Congress or
• Presidential Proclamation

If you have been honorably discharged from active duty in Iraq, please submit a copy of the DD214. The City will determine if your status allows you Veterans points for this service.


Police Officer Applications will be distributed upon completion of the agility test.

• Please do not submit any applications to the Cranston Police Station. They will not be accepted or transferred.

• Failure to report to any phase of the testing process will result in automatic dismissal of the candidate.

• You will receive your results from the written examination in the mail. Please do not call asking for the results. You will also be informed of your position on the Civil Service List.

• It is your responsibility to notify us of any changes in your address and phone number. If you obtain a position on the Civil Service List the list is valid for two (2) years and can be extended to a total of three (3) years with the recommendation of the Director of Personnel and approval of the Mayor. You must keep us apprised of any changes during this period so that we can contact you for further consideration if vacancies occur.

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