Inspectional Services Division

The Inspectional Services Division is responsible for the department's accreditation process and maintaining its good standing; manages the operations of the police department’s facility; and maintains the department’s policy database. The inspectional process is an essential mechanism for evaluating the quality of the agency’s operations; ensuring that the agency’s goals and objectives are being pursued; identifying the need for additional resources and efficiency; and ensuring that control is maintained throughout the agency.

Inspections include: evaluation of facilities, vehicles, equipment, records, personnel, operating and capital budgets, investigative procedures, crime reporting practices, training needs, patrol operations, and overall effectiveness and efficiency of the organization. The inspectional process compares the agency’s formal expectations with actual performance. Inspections, conducted with clear objectives and a positive approach provide a means of communication within the agency, not only “downward” but also “upward”. The inspections process at both line and staff levels provide the Chief of Police and other managers and supervisors with a means of regularly assessing this agency’s efficiency and effectiveness as well as provide information necessary to plan for revision.

In addition, Inspectional Services Division is responsible for most of the logistical support of the police department including its civilian employees.